District Masters Championships Volunteers
Volunteer Support

The Head Tournament Organizers are Eugene Lee and Mike Tran. We count on volunteers which are interested in keeping this tournament running orderly, on-time, professional, fun, and memorable. There are 5 volunteer job positions we always need help with: Draw Desk Coordinator, Timers, Runners, Stage Crew, and Cleanup Crew.  If you are interested in joining the volunteer team, please email Eugene at masters@odba.ca. Thank you!
Volunteer Support Job Roles

Tournament Organizer

  • Overall plan, strategy, and management
  • Website development and email communications
  • Financial budget and statement
  • Issue contracts
  • Gather sponsors

Draw Desk Coordinator

  • Keep an eye on the draws, and let the runners know which participants are on deck.  When matches have finished, the draw desk will ask a runner to get the participants on the court.
  • Input scores into the website


  • Watch the warm-up times to no more than 3 minutes
  • Between sets to no more than 2 minutes
  • The 11-point intervals limited to 60 seconds


  • Relaying messages between the draw desk and participants (ie who is next on deck, or asking finished games to report their scores).
  • Relaying messages between the draw desk and timers.
  • Updating the Draw Sheets on the Wall

Stage Crew

  • Organizing award ceremony for prizes and photography sessions. 
  • Photography sessions includes tournament champions and a tournament director

Cleanup Crew

  • Pick up all of the garbage
  • Sweep the floors
  • Move the furniture back

Registered Volunteers

  Name Friday
1 Eugene 5pm to 11pm
8am to 11pm
2Mike Tran
5pm to 11pm
3Jean Wong
4Roy Hoople
5Sally Liang
8am to 11pm
6Corey Hum
7Shirley Huang
8Stone Huang
5pm to 11pm
9Min Zhao
5pm to 11pm
8am to 11pm
10Stephanie King
-9am to 4:30pm
11Richard Tran
-1pm to 11pm
12Calvin Cheung
11am to 11pm
13Adam Wang
-1pm to 11pm
14Ana Wang
15Tina Lee
16Sheen Andola5pm to 11pm-
17Vivian Tam
8am to 11pm
18Kaiqi Yao
-8am to 11pm
19Fei Tam
5pm to 11pm8am to 11pm
20Mike Yee
5pm to 11pm
1pm to 11pm
21Eric Au
-3pm to 5pm
22Benn Van Rynn
-12pm to 11pm
-11am to 11pm
24Justin Tran
-1pm to 11pm

e-mail masters@odba.ca if you wish to volunteer